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How can AI help you in your daily work? How can AI help you to uplift your content strategy, get more value out of your data and set up more intelligent campaigns? 


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Charida Dorder

AI Marketing Expert

Start understanding and applying Artificial Intelligence with this full track. 


AI Email Marketing

Learn how to send custom content curation of articles for each individual on your list with Artificial Intelligence.

Jeff Coyle

Content Marketing

Discover your content gaps with the AI content marketing tool Market Muse

Dozens of videos

In our academy you will find high-quality videos with subtitles that you can use immediately and watch anywhere.

Interactive courses

We make extensive use of practice material and practical assignments so that you really learn by doing.

About AI for Marketing Academy

The real story. Not what they teach you at school. You don’t learn from teachers but from practitioners. People from the field who made their hands dirty. Not the hype, but the real story. 

Mixed opinions. A place where different opinions are appreciated. No one has the right answer. We find answers together. 

Learning doesn’t stop. You don’t only learn today, but also tomorrow. And the day after. Learning never stops, so why should your education offer? Every month new courses will be added so that you are always up to date. 

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