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Get your team up-to-date about recent developments, inspiring use cases and best practices. Including hands-on workshops to transform your marketing strategy. Suited for junior and C-level. 

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Courses crafted to empower you with the knowledge, techniques, and insights needed to harness the full potential of AI, ensuring you to stay up to date in this fast changing world. 

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An unique place to share insights, ask questions, and collaborate with fellow marketing enthusiasts while you are navigating the vast landscape of AI-driven strategies.

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Charida Dorder
Founder AI Marketing Academy

Author AI in Marketing

Peter Maas
Expert SEA

Owner Growup Digital

Former jury SEA Awards

Mirjam Hegger
Podcast queen

Author Podcasting

Founder Podcast Academy

Thijs Nieuwboer

Expert in building custom ChatGPT & Automation solutions.

Ready for AI to join your team?


60-minute inspiration session
for all members of the team. Get up-to-date about recent developments, inspiring use cases and best practices.


Customized half-day training session. Get up-to-date, inspiring use cases and best practices. Build your own AI model without coding or craft your campaign with AI.


Customized day training session for all members of the team. Everyone will learn how to identify, implement and evaluate AI use cases within their function.

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About AI Marketing Academy

The education company for understanding and applying artificial intelligence in marketing.

The real story. 

The truth beyond the textbooks. You don’t gain knowledge solely from educators, but from industry experts who have gained practical experience. Those who have rolled up their sleeves and gotten their hands dirty. It’s not about the buzz, it’s about the reality. 

Mixed opinions. 

 A space for diverse perspectives. Where varying opinions are valued and welcomed. Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we work collaboratively to discover answers

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Today, tomorrow, and beyond. Learning never stops, and neither should your education. Every month new courses will be added so that you are up to date.