All Access Subscription

365 / year with 1 day free trial and a 0,01 sign-up fee

Do you want unlimited access to almost all online courses? With this subscription of one year you get access to all e-learnings available at the AI Marketing Academy. You can add unlimited e-learnings to your account.

  • Access to 50+ on-demand lessons on AI in marketing.
  • Demos of different AI-tools. You can start experimenting today.
  • Interactive courses with videos, text and assignments
  • On-demand: watch where and when you want
  • New courses every month
  • Learn from the best experts in the market.
  • Our speakers receive an average of 9.4
  • Stop at any time
You can cancel the annual subscription up to 10 working days before the end of the annual subscription. You will receive a message 4 weeks before your renewals that your renewal is coming. You can cancel your subscription in your account and continue to have access to the last moment you paid for.



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