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AI for Marketing Academy

Bringing AI from the academic tower to the kitchen table. 

AI Marketing Academy is a premium education platform. AIMA democratizes knowledge and brings the know-how from the academic tower to the kitchen table. Making the technology understandable and applicable. Not only for the data scientist or in an academic paper but also for the junior marketing professional at the pingpong table. The ones in the field. Giving every marketing professional, from junior till CMO, the tools to understand and apply Artificial Intelligence. Whatever his/her/its starting point may be.


Where does AI Marketing Academy stand for…

The real story. Not what they teach you at school. You don’t learn from teachers but from practitioners. People from the field who made their hands dirty. Not the hype, but the real story. 

Mixed opinions. A place where different opinions are appreciated. No one has the right answer. We find answers together. 

Learning doesn’t stop. Not only learning today in a classroom but also tomorrow. And the day after. Learning never stops, so why should your education offer? Every month new courses will be added so that you are up to date. 

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